2021.12.16 Master-course Yusuke Asamiさんの論文「Development of Detection and Volumetric Methods for the Triceps of the Lower Leg Using Magnetic Resonance Images with Deep Learning」Applied Sciences誌に掲載されました!

2021.10.27 Doctor-course Daisuke Ouraさんの論文「Construction of super-rapid brain MRA using oblique transverse acquisition phase contrast angiography with tilted optimized non-saturated excitation pulse」がMagnetic Resonance Imaging誌に掲載されました!

2021.8.2 Doctor-course Shota Ichikawaさんの論文「A deep-learning method using computed tomography scout images for estimating patient body weight」がScientific reports誌に掲載されました!

2021.2.7 Master-course Keisuke Manabeさんの論文「Improvement in the Convolutional Neural Network for Computed Tomography Images」Applied Sciences誌に掲載されました!

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